Axem Rangers

Mario RPG

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More about the Axem Rangers...
Games: Super Mario RPG
Sports Hall Record: 5-2, Rank 53
W: Bandit (9-1), Croco & Microgoomba & Count Cannoli (9-2), Super Blooper (10-1)
L: Cackletta (9-2), Waluigi (9-1)
Tournament Interviews:Round One, Round Two

The Axem Rangers is a metallic band of axe-wielders in Smithy's Gang that turned up to steal the sixth Star at the last second.  The group consists of:

- Axem Pink: The only female of the group, and the healer, but with the least stamina.
- Axem Black: The cool guy of the group, he attacks by throwing little bombs and, while not the strongest, can attack twice per turn.
- Axem Red: The apparent leader of the group, the most well-rounded physical fighter but not necessarily the most dangerous.
- Axem Yellow: This hefty, food-obsessed member has the strongest physical attacks but is slow.
- Axem Green: The magic-user of the group, with Pink is a likely target to be taken out early.
- Axem Blue: Doesn't exist.

When each Axem is defeated at the top of Barrel Volcano, Axem Red will utilize their shape, known as the Blade, which is armed with a powerful cannon called the breaker beam.  Whale on that enough and the whole ship will go down and the crew will be destroyed while the heroes jump to safety.

After their Season Nine appearance in Roy's Sports Hall, it's reasonable if the Axem Rangers have a confused understanding of how the Sports Hall works.  Upon their defeat of the highly ranked Bandit to start their career, a new rule sent the Axem Rangers directly into Round Two before they could complete the normal Round One run.  In Round Two they impressed by winning their first match against Croco, Count Cannoli, and Microgoomba to briefly improve to 4-0.  But in their next fight they were outmatched by the then surging Cackletta.  Knocked out from Round Two, the Axems would return to Round One with a chance to still reach Round Three if they could win two more matches.  But the Axem Rangers became just another tally in the elongated win column of Waluigi as they were eliminated from the season.

Despite their disappointing tumble, the Axem Rangers are back for the Season Ten Tournament seeded 53rd.  Though longshots on paper - and down a few soldiers for this match - they overcame Super Blooper in the first round.  Their chances look just as bleak in the second round against Ludwig, but perhaps they can find a way to fine-tune their abilities.

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