Millenium Star (Fake)

Mario Party 3

Sent in by Ckday

More about the Millenium Star...
Games: Mario Party 3
Sports Hall Record: 7-2-1, Season Runner Up (9), Rank 14
W: King Boo & Piranha Planet (9-1), Bowyer (9-1), Morton (9-1), Baseball Boy & L33t Hamm3r Broz (9-3), Baseball Boy (10-1)
L: Waluigi (9-4), Baby Bowser (10-2)
Tournament Interviews:Round One, Round Two

The Millenium Star is a wish-granting benevolent that was desperately sought after in Mario Party 3.  But, that's not really who we're talking about, are we?  No, we're really talking about the Millenium Star impersonator, whose real name is unknown.  Even though the persona is false, this character does spend most of the game as the host (replacing Toad from Mario Parties 1 and 2) and is much better known than the real deal, who only appears at the very end, so I just call him the Millenium Star.  As far as I can figure the imposter's plan was to lead one of the members of the Mario Gang to collect all the stamps showing their worth, then defeat that person to claim the Millenium Star for himself.  The battle was tough but the fake was defeated at its own game.  The real Millenium Star ended up being inside Tumble, the dice-like caretaker of these boards.

The Millenium Star created quite the stir in Season Nine of Roy's Sports Hall.  Making his first appearance there, he won three straight matches, including a fight against Sports Hall elite King Boo, to reach Round Three unscathed.  There he would finally meet his match, but still managed a tie against Waluigi, as he advanced alongside him to the finals, still without a loss to his name.  But in the finals, Waluigi seized the day as the Millenium Star was defeated, tarnished and eliminated.  The Millenium Star came right back for the Season Ten Tournament seeded at 14.  He dazzled Baseball Boy in the first round, but in a close second round fight against Baby Bowser he wasn't able to pull a fast one, and was eliminated.

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