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More about Larry...
Games: Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, etc.
Sports Hall Record: 7-2, Season Winner (6), Rank 10
W: General Guy (6-1), Shroob (6-2), Crystal King & Smorg & Red Virus (6-3), Shadow Mario (6-4), Jr. Troopa (10-1)
L: Amanita (3-1), Shroob (6-1)
Tournament Interviews:Round One, Round Two

I've got to watch what I say about Larry, he's probably listening to me right now.  That's because this son of Bowser, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Eavesdropping, is an excellent spy and sneak, a talent which he frequently practices, and is well-deserving of the nickname Cheatsy.  Always looking for the loophole that will get him ahead, or just for some juicy info, he's also considered to be a lover of plants and maybe even a vegetarian if only because he is well known as the first boss in Super Mario Bros. 3, where he stood guard over Grass Land.  Larry also is the world champion in the double take.

As the first Koopaling to appear in both Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Larry may be the most well known of the Koopalings to the general public, though it's not because of any great strength.  At his best in the shadows, he didn't really put up a ton of fights in those games, where he has the most basic attack patterns.  In Super Mario World he appeared last and certainly had a difficult enough castle, but wasn't that tough on his own as he only mimicked Iggy's pattern but with Podoboos also present.  In Superstar Saga he showed some personality but trying to use a tennis racquet to hit Luigi with a fireball.  This led to a brief but exciting game of Breakout, but ultimately he wasn't much more effective in battle than his siblings.

In the Sports Hall, it seems Larry is always getting abused by Roy, with most matches ending with him getting electrified or in some other way assaulted.  Frequently this is supposed to be a punishment for incorrectly guessing who will win the match, which Larry, as analyst, does often; but even if Larry guesses correctly, Roy usually still finds an excuse to harm him.  And yet, Larry returns week after week, normally seeming no worse for the wear.  Despite these constant beatings and his reputation for being one of the weakest Koopalings, everything came together for him in Season Six, when he surged to the top and defeated Shadow Mario to win the season title, making him the only Koopaling to have done so.

Having retired with top honors, Larry was the first season champion to return for the Season Ten Tournament.  Which, granted, means he has the lowest rank of the season winners, but it sounds cool anyway!  Seeded 10, his first round match was against Jr. Troopa.  This writer thought that would be a close match, but that couldn't have been further from the truth as Larry had no trouble cracking through.  His next opponent is Tanoomba.

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